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Writing This, Avoiding That

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I posted a blog. Actually, yes I can. I was on vacation in Canada for 10 days and although I thought that I would post to my blog while I was on vacation, I did not. When I came back I had to get the basic planning finished and reservations made for my next trip right away to get the best deals and prices. Rough life, I know. But travel is what I live for. And save for. And I do it as much as my life allows.

And then of course there was the World Cup. The five teams I had picked as favorites were doing very well. Four of them made it into the round of 16. So I was watching a lot of soccer games. Something I usually do anyway, but this exponentially added to the amount of time this particular hobby of mine was taking up.

And it’s not just that I was on vacation and then having to make reservations for another vacation and watching all of these soccer games. Part of it is the fact that what I thought the purpose of this blog was going to be has changed. After being accepted as a writer by Scripted, I started to feel that it didn’t really make sense for me to put all this time and effort into writing these articles and posting them on this blog when I could be spending that time and effort writing articles and getting paid for it. Something I have yet to do, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

I thought this blog was going to basically be me writing tons of articles about how to do everything and anything I found an interest in and eventually evolving into…….I don’t know. I guess when I started it, I didn’t really know how it was going to get me to where I wanted to be. I decided I wanted to write and I figured I should just start writing. I didn’t really think too much beyond that at first. The path seems a little clearer now, although, if I may be a little crude about it, is apparently paved with liquid shit.

Actually, it really doesn’t seem THAT bad. But there are a lot of parameters and rules and regulations that go into writing articles for people. And I’m not fond of parameters and rules and regulations. I never have been. I’ve never done very well with them. However, I may not have a choice but to deal with them if I really want to do what I think I really want to do.

So, apparently this blog has turned into my personal gas bag. Great. I’d had such high hopes for it. Oh, well. Hopefully it will at least be somewhat entertaining. And it certainly will be therapeutic for me.

So considering the title of this post, you may be assuming that I was referring to writing in this blog and avoiding working on an article. If so, you got it half right. Or maybe not even half right. I did spend time working on “the business end.” I took a lengthy exam that, had I passed, would have allowed me to be an editor on Scripted. A paid editor. Before taking the test I was told that it could take three business days for a response. Within seconds of finishing the test I received an e-mail telling me I had failed. I’d figured so. I’d gotten barely halfway through. Which I didn’t know until I’d used up almost all of my 35 minutes. If it had not been a timed test, I probably would’ve done OK. I’m allowed to take the test again before they tell me to go pound sand, and I’m sure I’d do a better job next time as I’d know what to expect, but I’m in no rush to do this.

I also spent time looking at the available articles and the guidelines that you are expected to follow when writing them. I read up on how to pitch for articles, which is a different deal. I tried to get my motor running, but it stalled. So I bailed and took care of another piece of business, which I was happy to get out of the way.

And then I put down the first 529 words of my novel. If 85,000 words is the perfect length for a novel, I’ve only got about another 160 of those sessions to go. At least to get all the words down. This part is the super easy part. This first “chapter” was the introduction. It may be too short and it may be expanded later. I have no idea what I’m doing. Which is awesome. It means there are no rules. Or very few. It really means that I’m only aware of very few of the rules and that’s the awesome part.

I have about 30 minutes of audio recordings of me telling the first part of the story and all I did for this first session was transcribe the first 7 minutes and edit it. And change it, of course. I have no idea if this is going to be a novel or a screenplay or a novella or what. But I have a pretty good idea of how the story goes. I don’t know how long it’s going to be once I’ve told it all…I may have to add some things or expand on some things to get to 85,000 words. That sounds like a lot of words. But at least I’m enjoying the process. So far.

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