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What do you do for money? Honey??

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The Honey browser extension saves and earns you

money automatically when you shop online.

The other day I made a couple of slightly frivolous purchases on Amazon. An Italian aftershave I’ve been wanting to try (yes, dear...I know I already have one from Proraso but this one is different!) and an 8-inch saute skillet to go with my larger one. (By the way, if you’ve not yet tried ceramic cookware...it's been a life-changer for me.)

Asides aside, the money I used to buy these things...I didn’t earn. Honey earned it for me. Well, I suppose I helped earn it because I did spend all of 45 seconds installing the Honey browser extension (or add-on, add-in, plug-in...whatever you'd like to call it) and I have had to log on to Honey occasionally. I also had to go to the effort of requesting Honey to send me an email with my $30 Amazon gift certificate code that I got just for buying stuff online. That took at LEAST another 15 seconds.

But yes. Indeed. I got $30 from Honey to spend on Amazon.com...just for buying stuff. And not just for buying stuff on Amazon - for buying stuff all over the interwebs.

How does this work? Glad you asked. You’ll be installing this awesome little program within the next 10 minutes if you don’t have it already - I can almost guarantee you. First, let’s touch on what browser extensions like Honey are and how they work. A browser extension is a program that you download to your computer to work with your internet browser. A little icon sits in the upper right-hand corner (except on Safari it sits to the left of the toolbar) and can be left active, disabled, hidden or removed if you find that you don’t like, need or use it. Extensions work with your browser to interact with websites you visit.

In the case of the Honey extension, their program helps you save money at or get cash back (in gift card form) from over 40,000 online retailers. It works especially well with Amazon. Depending on the retailer, it can find you the best price on an item by comparing sellers, showing you price history on an item so you can decide if now is the best time to buy or not, automatically applying the best coupons to your purchase when you go to the checkout page and best of all - you can earn Honey Gold for your purchases at over 4,000 websites online. This “Gold” can then be cashed in for gift cards from eBay, Target, Macy’s, Amazon and more. You can even donate your Honey Gold to charity through Charity Choice. Tell me you can’t feel the love here!

That’s how I got my $30 Amazon gift card. Just by collecting Honey Gold when it was available. And mining it is automatic - you don’t need to do anything to collect it. When you visit an online retailer like JC Penney, the extension icon goes from grey to orange if Honey works with that retailer. You can then click the icon to see the codes available for that retailer if you want, but there’s no need to as they are applied automatically with one click at checkout. You can even use Honey on your iPhone! (An Android app is coming soon.)

When you go to the checkout page, a little window pops up in the corner with a smiling gold coin holding a dollar bill in it’s right hand and waving at you with it’s left. The window tells you how many coupon codes are available, your Honey Gold balance and if Honey Gold is available for shopping at this retailer and if so how much. How much Gold you get is a random percentage and can be as high as 20%!! Then you simply click “Apply Coupons” and Honey applies the one that will save you the most money. I was actually trying NOT to save money just now to get information for this article, but Honey found me a $3.00 coupon on a $10 shirt at JC Penney. What can I say. That’s my Honey!

If Honey can’t find any coupons for you at check out (or in the case of my second test - any coupons that can save you MORE money than the coupons I’d already applied thanks to the fine folks at Kohl’s generously lavishing me with coupons on a constant basis) the window will tell you so and also how much Honey Gold you’ll be scoring for making your purchase if it’s available. Honey also gives you tips on which credit card to use for the most cash back or points, the best purchase protection, etc. Pretty cool, huh? Never underestimate your Honey!

To cite another example, I booked several hotel rooms through booking.com (Click that link to get $25 off your first stay booked through them! I'll get a reward, too!) for my vacation this summer and they work with Honey. I just found out that I'm getting $4.60 back on a one-night stay that was a bargain in the first place at $55. All for doing virtually nothing more than having Honey active on my browser. And that's for just one night of a two-week vacation! This is going to add up to some serious cash back!!

Convinced yet? How could you not be?? You’ll get 50 Honey Gold just for signing up and another 50 for trying their demo. It takes 1,000 Gold to get a $10 gift card and that Gold can add up surprisingly quick. US customers also get a $5 - $20 sign-up bonus to spend on their first purchase! Gold doesn’t expire as long as you earn at least 10 Gold every 12 months so if you don’t spend much online, set it and forget it and one day it will reward you and you’ll be like…”Oh! How nice!” That’s exactly what happened to me. I signed up some time ago and recently realized - “Hey! I’ve got some money coming to me!” How cool is that?

You can also get Honey Gold by referring friends to Honey. THIS is where I raise my hand and say “can you help a brother out??” If you think Honey is as sweet as I think it is, please do me a favor and click on this link ----> joinhoney.com/ref/fcrxom to join Honey and give yourself and this guy something good. You’ll feel good, I’ll feel good, the little gold coin will smile and wave at you and save you money...it. Will. Be. AWESOME. And I will thank you most sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Now go get that Honey!!!

DISCLOSURES: As of this writing I own 1 share of Kohl’s stock (currently worth $48.00) and 50 shares of JC Penney stock (currently worth $34.50). I have NO affiliation with Honey or any other entity mentioned in this article other than being a customer and am not being compensated in any way for writing this article. (But if Honey were to throw some Gold my way for writing an awesome article about them, I wouldn't argue!)

Another disclosure - the title of this blog post is indeed a play on words on the AC/DC song “What Do You Do for Money Honey” and as a final disclosure, in case you’ve not noticed...I really love parentheses. (I really do.)

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