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The Business End

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

So far, it’s as described. It’s like staring into the business end of an elephant. And not a very smart, or friendly one.

I signed up for Yahoo! Voices. They tell you to check out their assignment desk. I did and there were NO assignments. As in ZERO.

I signed up for Scripted. First, I accidentally got signed up as a buyer as they do not tell you that you are signing up as a buyer of content if you sign up as prompted on their main page – you have to figure out how to sign up as a writer. (At least if you follow the link I did after Googling them.) After doing so, I had to accept their terms. I clicked on accept and I got sent to an error page. I’m not kidding (see below). No way around it that I could see. I couldn’t continue until accepting the terms and after doing so I couldn’t continue either.

I like what I’ve heard about Scripted, so I’m not going to give up on them just yet. Cross your fingers for me!

I knew the business end of this writing deal would suck. I just had no idea the size and scope of this sucking. Already daunted by the parameters and requirements of submitting an acceptable article on Yahoo! Voices, I find myself not a happy camper. It’s taken a few days for me to shake off the disappointment of how challenging the business end may be, but it’s also the immediate need of a break from it that has gotten me writing again. Even if it’s a rant. My first rant. How about that. That didn’t take long.

So as long as I’m ranting, why not continue? It’s good get these emotions out. Tonight was primed to be a wonderful evening. I took a walk after work and it was lovely out. I went back home and configured my laptop to tether with my phone for internet access, packed off and headed out. As soon as I hit the streets, the wind picked up and what was a perfect night became a damn chilly one very quickly. I’d packed my hoodie knowing I’d need it for the walk home but never suspecting I’d need it immediately. I headed to The Lucky Lab on NW Quimby. A good walk from home but they have a huge outdoor area and I figured it would be a great spot to set up camp. Plus the walls at the back end would shelter me from the wind. Expecting it to be a bit more of a mellow scene, there was a group of about 10 young girls SCREAMING in the parking lot and a group that seemed incapable of keeping their dog from frequently exploding into intensely loud barking at random. I love dogs. The dog would have been manageable, but the kids were just insane. I have a friend of mine, Kris, who has her own blog about craft beer called Bittered Units and I tell you she wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds out there with those screaming kids. I lasted one glass of wine. $6.75 for a half glass of wine. Damn this diet!

So now I’m at Paymaster. They have a large, sheltered, covered patio with heaters – not that I’ve needed to turn mine on yet. But it’s a much more mellow scene. Perfect for writing a rant. Or anything, really. And my second glass of wine ($5.50 – still a half glass but a better deal for me – I guess I’m used to my “value” buckets of Barefoot Cabernet at my main watering hole) has improved my mood. Let’s see how many times I have to raise my eyebrows at the girl clearing tables to get her to ask me if I want another beverage. The answer is always yes, by the way. I know I just sat down a few minutes ago, but honey – you don’t know who you’re drinking with here!

Although there is no way out of here without setting off an alarm – unlike the patio at the Lab, which is wide open – I’m pretty concerned about leaving my laptop here while I acquire more alcohol. At any place, really. Or pee. These are the kind of thoughts that give me pause.

So, back to the business end – apparently articles are supposed to be 400 – 600 words long? Mine so far tend to approach, if not breach, 1200 words. I like the fact that they tend to start with a personal story related to the article, but I’m guessing this is uncommon. Is there a market for such writing? A commenter on the Reddit thread that my article on finding apartments was posted said that my article was “light” and although it apparently was not meant as a compliment, I took it as one. I’d like to write that way, but I don’t know if anyone would buy it. Could I possibly forge a new way? Start a new trend?

Apparently I have to get my own drinks. Ah, Portland. This would never happen in France.

Well, all my possessions are still here after going for a pee and a fresh drink. That’s good. I’ve graduated to Monopolowa and water. With a lemon.

I know what I want to write about next, but what has been stirring in my mind is…what’s the point of writing a quality, information-based article for my blog if I can write for someone else and get paid for it? It seems that submitting an article for pay that is already published elsewhere is a no-go for the most part. I know I have much more research to do. I hate busy work, but nobody is going to ascend upon my blog, proclaim me a genius and pay me handsomely for what I have created. So I’ll get back to that very soon.

Meanwhile, my work on this particular entry is over. Aside from going back over it multiple times for changes and corrections and adding links and possible a screenshot.

I’m facing a chilly walk home, it seems. Perhaps I should have ordered a Spanish Coffee. But then, the damn diet. Thank God Saturday (my splurge day) is coming soon.

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