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How to Watch Live TV News from Almost Any Country Online for Free

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I wouldn’t say that I’m an addict, but one of my favorite things to do when I’m cooking or cleaning the kitchen or plodding around the living room picking up things that are in the wrong place and putting them elsewhere is to listen to and/or watch BFMTV. I’m just gonna fly off the handle and blow out a crazy, wild guess that you have no idea what BFMTV is. Unless you are French, have lived in France or are a Francophile. Or an international news hound.

BFMTV is kind of like the CNN of France. It is their most popular news network and like CNN, offers a mix of live news programming and 30 or 60 minute news or sometimes feature programs that repeat during the slower parts of the news week – overnights and weekends. I get to watch a fairly high quality stream of their LIVE broadcast anytime of the day or night that I wish. I’m actually seeing and hearing the exact same thing that I would be if I were in Paris at the time. And I think that’s pretty awesome.

Ever since vacationing in France for the first time last year, I have become somewhat of a minor Francophile. I like knowing what’s going on as far as current events in France, it’s fun for me to try to understand even a very small number of the words that these people are saying in their speedy native tongue and I’m quite sure that my French accent is going to blow minds by the time I get back to France. Yay for me! Free BFMTV makes me a happy person.

No matter what country you are interested in or from, most likely you will be able to see LIVE television programming from that country on the internet for free. Some countries have a lot more programming available than others, some countries have more or less news programming available to you and some have more or less live versus recorded programming.

Here I am sitting in my living room having my first glass of red wine this evening and with one click…all of a sudden I am watching a live stream of 2M TV…a public television station headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco. Pretty sure that this is Arabic language I am hearing. I guess you get a mixture of Arabic and French in Morocco. Another click and all of a sudden I am watching Televicentro…a Nicaraguan national television station headquartered in Managua. A much better quality stream than the Moroccan one, by the way.

This should blow your mind in more than one way. It sure does mine. To me it is absolutely incredibly amazing that I can do this. That I can watch national news television stations broadcasting live from all over the world for free. Talk about freedom of information! Want to know what another country really thinks about what is going on in the world? This makes it pretty easy to find out if you speak the language. In real time. No reading necessary. Not that, as a writer, I would ever want to promote not reading, but watching instead of reading is fairly popular these days. Especially in this country. As I have said before and recently, I think and hope that this is changing. The irony that my first post that is actually providing information happens to be about how to access video broadcasts is not lost on me at all.

But I think this is just amazing. Yes, I know I’ve already said that. You already know I’m loving this stuff to death. I suppose I should now tell you how to access this stuff. That is supposed to be the point of this post. You could probably find out for yourself pretty easily, but I’ll give you a real quick and easy way to get started. Just go to www.squidtv.net and you will find listings by country of hundreds and hundreds of broadcasts. You can always do a web search for live television broadcasts from the country of your choice, or for similar websites that have listings of these broadcasts, but do be careful. Some of these links may not be squeaky clean. Always make sure the device you are cruising the internet on is fully protected.

So there it is. Squid TV. There are other sites that are similar, but I’ve never had any problems with Squid TV or the links provided on their website. And this is the most complete listing of broadcast channels worldwide that I have found. Obviously, I can never guarantee the safety of any links on any website. While I have found several dead links on the Squid TV site, I’d much rather click on a dead link than a poison one.

As my attention turns back to this Nicaraguan television station…I probably know less than a dozen words in this language, but I can pretty much figure out what this story is about. It’s not a happy one, so I will spare you the details. The world is full of sad stories and Nicaragua is no exception.

And although I know that Nicaragua is a long, long way away from here in many ways, all of a sudden this world seems so very, very small to me. It’s a profound feeling and a comforting one.

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