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How to Watch Live International (and National) Sports Events Online for Free

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Last year when I went to Europe for the first time, one of the coolest things I did was go to a pro soccer game. Football, as the Euros call it. I’d planned 4 nights in Nice, France as part of my trip and found that their men’s team, OGC Nice, was playing a home game during my stay. Not only that, it was going to be just the second game ever played in a massive, brand new facility called the Allianz Riviera. I bought a ticket online immediately. A single seat about 8 rows up from the field and very close to the midfield line. Perfect.

It was an amazing experience that I may detail further in another post, but that experience helped get me really interested in European soccer. Also, watching Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) versus Monaco in a bar in Montmartre AND the fact that Tobin Heath, one of my favorite players on my favorite local team, the Portland Thorns, plays for PSG Feminin…I had plenty of reasons to want to watch me some French soccer when I got back to the US.

Watching French soccer is fairly easy to do in France – especially if you have cable or satellite TV. It can be done here as well if you can afford some extra channels on your cable or satellite package. But even then, you are pretty limited as far as which games are available to you. UNLESS…you head into cyberspace. Be careful, though. One click on the wrong thing and you may encounter spyware, malware or even a virus. And if you’ve never tried this before, there are some tricks to the trade. I’ll spill the beans for you right now.

There are three websites I use to find live streams of games. SportLemon, LiveTV.sx and FirstRowSports. Now before you jump off the cliff and into the river, let me tell you where the big rocks are down there. I’ll use LiveTV.sx as an example and the tips and tricks mentioned will cover the other two sites fairly well. You may find other sites that list streams of sports events and that is all well and good. Just make sure you have an updated anti-virus program running on your device before you proceed to any sites of this type – they may send you malicious files. If you have a quality anti-virus program such as AVG (or AVG Free) it should take care of these threats for you.

Click the link above for LiveTV.sx and you will see that it says “Upcoming Broadcasts” in the upper left. Then click on the character that looks like a soccer player. The first thing you need to know is how to handle pop-ups. You likely just got one. You’ll frequently see pop-ups or other prompts claiming that you need to install “Flash Player HD” or “FLV Video Downloader” or a Java plug-in to continue. No you don’t. Do not download or install anything that is prompted to you by these sites. Sometimes a whole new tab or page will open up in your browser. Close anything that has opened up so that just the main page remains.

Now you can scroll down through the list of all the upcoming matches that they have links to. The times listed on this site are UTC-0 or Greenwich Mean Time…whatever the time is in London, basically. Use a site like timeanddate.com to convert to your time zone. Pick a match that says it is currently live and click on it. Again, you may see pop-ups or links on the page saying you need to download or install something. No you don’t. If they have any links to streams for this game, they will be listed. Numbered listings will say “WebPlayer” or “LetonTV” or “Jjcast” – things like that. Sometimes the language the broadcast is in will be listed. Click on the “play” arrow to get to your game.

Below is a great example of a fairly sneaky ad. There are only four streams available for this game. (The bottom two open up sports book websites that you need to join. I avoid those.) What looks like a group of 6 other “Mirror” streams is an ad. How can you tell? The prompt in the lower left-hand corner of your browser that tells you where a click will take you doesn’t change when you move your mouse pointer over each “game.” I clicked on the ad for fun and a new tab opened prompting me to install “SweetPlayer” to watch videos with. No thanks.

When you click on the arrow, you’ll likely get another pop-up with a whole bunch of stuff on it. Like what you see below. You should probably also start hearing the audio for the game within a few seconds. Again, don’t click on anything that tells you that you need to download or install something. You may notice that you can see a portion of the game that is being played covered by at least one if not several advertisements. Sometimes above the advertisement you’ll see text stating that it will close in a certain number of seconds. You can wait for the advertisement to close if you wish. Once this advertisement closes, if you have an ad of this type, you will likely still have one or more ads left to close.

There are two ways, usually, to get rid of these ads. Sometimes you must find the “x” and click on that, but the “x” is usually not located in the upper right hand corner. Although it is on the LSbet.com ad above. If there is one there, it’s usually a dummy “x” like in the ad above prompting you to download “HD Media Player.”  The “x” you need to click on is often a very small one usually located in an odd place on the advertisement. Clicking on any “x” of this sort may give you yet another pop-up to close. Another way to get rid of these advertisements is to simply click the “full screen” icon in the bottom right hand corner. BOOM! Now you’ve got a full screen view of a live international soccer game that you most likely couldn’t get sent to your television by anyone for any price. With no ads blocking your view. Now if you can plug your computer into your TV, you’ve got a party! Invite your friends and tell them to bring beer and snacks.

Once you’ve got your game rolling in its new window, close the original window with the listings of the games. It’s usually running one if not several streaming video advertisements that is just going to hog up your computer’s resources. Not to mention some of these ads have audio that will interfere with the game you are trying to enjoy. Keep in mind that there may be a serious delay with some of these streams.  If you are really into the game, stay off of Twitter. Unless you want to know that someone has scored before you see it happen. Sometimes there is a delay in the audio or video portion of the feed and you see a goal scored before you hear the announcers comment on it, or vice-versa. And of course, sometimes the stream is very high quality and sometimes it is quite the opposite.

And there you have it. Wanna watch a Polish basketball game? No problem. Australian rugby? You got it. Chinese billiards? Have at it. Enjoy it the most and thank me with a toast!

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