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Good morning again

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Good morning. Again. I kind of like the idea of writing in the mornings. So far. This is the second day in a row that I’ve taken to writing in the morning. Maybe it’s a thing? We shall see. I’m betting on late nights and early mornings. With early mornings being the more popular.

So yesterday I pulled up this here blog on a desktop computer and boy was I surprised! WordPress had selected a theme for me! I kind of like the theme. Actually I like it quite a bit. I may very well keep it. But it was a surprise that it wasn’t plain formatting and looked nothing like what I see in this app here. It had also added formatting to the text that I was not aware of. It had taken a section of the post and turned it into some kind of quote-type-thing. I didn’t see anything like this on my phone and I’m not sure I would have noticed had I not viewed the post on the site itself. I certainly did not notice it on my phone when I posted it, although when I went back to my phone to look at the post again I did see that there was something different about the way the text looked.

So while it appears that one could completely control and do everything regarding blogging from a smart phone, it’s certainly not optimal. That’s obvious even at this very early stage of the game. It would be an interesting experiment but not one I am entirely sure that I am all that interested in conducting. I suppose one could check their blog through an internet browser on their smart phone to ensure proper formatting was taking place.

Oh what a surprise. I am slightly undecided about something. What next? Double checking to see if I’ve locked the car or not?

Apparently I’m not prepared to completely sign off on the notion of doing everything regarding this blog from my phone. But it does seem that it would be much more interesting and certainly easier to do at least some if not much or most on a desktop or laptop. You can see which way I’m leaning, can’t you? Yup. It seems the practicality is out-waying the romance here. Story of my life.

So the indecision there leads me to the question of what to write about. This certainly can’t be much of a winner if it turns out to be a blog about writing a blog. Or could it? That doesn’t sound like a winner to me. And it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. So then what? “Day in the Life” type-stuff? Would anybody really care that I’m currently on the slow-carb diet and today is my splurge day? Would anybody care about what I consume on my splurge day? I’m not a celebrity and I’m not drop-dead gorgeous. You don’t even know what I look like. I suppose if you stick around you’ll find out someday, but certainly no time soon. At this point.

So do I need to pick a subject? Or have an angle? Or a quirk? How personal should I be? How much of my depraved sense of humor should I employ? I seem to have a lot of questions. What I find fascinating is my curious confidence that all these questions will answer themselves in time if I just let them. Wow. That sounds so freeing, doesn’t it? It sounds so liberating. Just let all your questions answer themselves. I could ruminate on that concept for quite some time. Maybe I should.

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