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Feeding The Need

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

So. I’m creating a blog. Why? Because I need to. Hence the title of this blog. Why do I need to? Although (for the most part) I love my job, I need to start working towards a career that will allow me to be completely independent. Self-employed. And I want to have a career where I am able to telecommute 100% of the time. I want to be able to work whenever and from wherever I want to. And the career that seems best suited to that lifestyle is writing. My mother is a writer, so it’s already in my blood. I’ve always been good at creative writing since I was a child. I have a solid command of the English language and fancy myself to be a good editor. And if I want to have a career as a writer, I have to start writing. And so it begins.

I downloaded the WordPress app onto my cell phone tonight to see how much could be done from my phone. How cool would it be that the one thing I have on my person at all times could be the only thing that I would need to facilitate this career! I’m sure at some point I will ditch my desktop for a laptop…in fact the day that I take this action will be a major victory for me.

I dream of simply yakking into my phone while sitting on the terrasse of my apartment in Nice, France with a glass of wine and a cigarette as the sole method of funding my existence. And a meager existence is all I require. Over the years I’ve had cars, collections and other material things…and I really don’t need any of it. Except for my 1970 Gibson SG. That guitar is like my child and I will never let it go. Aside from a few boxes of photos and other childhood and family memorabilia, all my other possessions are expendable.

I don’t really know what this blog is going to become, but I would guess that it will become like a literary version of some other chowderhead’s YouTube channel. A collection of stories, ramblings and rantings, only written down instead of recorded on video. That is certainly the way it is starting out.

At this point, this blog is anonymous. I’m not sure how long it will remain that way. As an only child, I’m pretty fond of praise. It’s very tempting to post a link to this blog on Facebook tonight and say “hey everybody, look what I’m doing!” But I’m not going to do that. At least not just yet.

This blog may become intensely personal. If it were to remain anonymous, that is certainly an option. But if I am to continue in the manner that I assume I will, I won’t be able to keep it anonymous forever.

This seems like a good stopping point for a first entry. Hopefully I will be able to hit SAVE and have this first rambling captured. That will be the first of what I hope to be many successes. And to any and all who may join me on this journey, even if for just a moment of time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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