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FEBO! The über-cool Dutch fast food chain that will make you want to move to Amsterdam

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

***This is one of the articles I submitted to Scripted that helped me get accepted. I had some trouble with their website initially, but everything worked out fine in the end (see my post “The Business End“). I added some photos to make it a bit more fun. Also, my final edits were done on a web page from which I forgot to make a copy, so I’ve done my best to remember those edits and employ them. I’ve made some additional changes as well. Enjoy!

FEBO's tag line "de lekkerste" means "the tastiest" or "the most delicious"

Forget about the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House and the Red Light District. Forget about strolling along romantic canals, biking on tree-lined streets and an almost invisible language barrier. The one thing that will leave you hungry to pack up your life and plant your roots in der Nederlands is FEBO.

FEBO (pronounced “FAY-bo”) is not your ordinary, average fast food chain. Not by any means. Walking up to any FEBO for the first time, your eyes will go wide with wonder when you see the automat wall. An automat, at least in the case of FEBO, is a very large, coin-operated vending machine that provides you access to an assortment of hot, fresh and tasty food items including burgers, chicken, croquettes and more.

FEBO automat wall in the Rotterdam Centraal train station.

The “kalfsvleeskroket” is my personal favorite. It is a lovingly breaded and deep fried vessel of super-thick gravy made from Dutch veal. Yes, VEAL. Chunks of tender and very tasty veal await you inside these creamy, dreamy masterpieces. Yet as yummy as they are, my favorite part is the acquisition of these fast food treats.

Three krokets, frites and a cheeseburger.

Short on Euro coins? Geen probleem! The change machine is right there on the wall. Slip a fiver in and grab your coins. Turn left 90 degrees and make your choice. How about a Kipburger? Think of a crispy-chicken sandwich breaded and seasoned to Dutch perfection. And they don’t use mayonnaise – it’s a top-class, gourmet remoulade they employ with just enough lettuce to round it all out. So good.

The FEBO kipburger!

It’s almost impossible to believe that this all comes from a vending machine, but it does.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun making a food purchase. And having such a wide variety of items to choose from that were all fresh, hot and tasty…I fell in love with FEBO. I’ll bet you a frikadel that you will, too.

FEBO’s frikadels are made from the best Dutch beef and chicken.

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