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Downsize Your Social Media – Upsize Your Mind

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

As of yesterday morning, I was following a little over 350 people, businesses and other entities on Twitter and Instagram. That’s following over 350 on each, not total. Last night I sat in my comfy chair and cut those numbers down to less than 200 followings on Instagram (Yes, I just coined a new social media-centric phrase. Please make sure the world knows.) and about 250 on Twitter. And today I feel so much better about life! Wow!

Other factors are contributing to my new sense of well-being today for sure, but keeping up with my social media accounts had become a burden. It was a drag on my time and a drag on my brain. I would wake up in the morning and grab my phone first thing to see what I had missed since I went to sleep the night before. And I would usually check in at least once during even the busiest of days. I’m sure I will still do this because I like keeping up with most of these posters and I like to be informed. The reason I’m so thrilled (and writing) about what I’ve done is I’ve cut the time it will take to keep up with my social media by what I assume will turn out to be 60% or more.

I did it by unfollowing what I call “fluff” accounts. Most of those accounts were held by frequent posters – those who post at least daily and often multiple times per day. And most of them didn’t exactly offer a whole lot of life-changing content. No, they weren’t all celebrities – believe it or not. However, I’m quite convinced that some of them think they are. I’m still following a pretty large group of people. And, yes, there were some I didn’t unfollow simply because they are following me. However, I didn’t stick to that rule entirely.

After the culling, I’m still following those accounts that are most important and/or useful to me. Most of my favorite sports teams and athletes, news people and organizations, businesses, politicians, musicians, comedians, actors/actresses and of course, my friends that I had been following, made the grade. Now I have a good, solid, manageable group. And I’m sure I’ll add to that group over time. Particularly as I spend more time involved with the business of writing. But no more “fluff” accounts! I no longer want to be enticed read any more “top 10” lists, click through photos of dogs making silly faces or take quizzes to see what my favorite color really should be.

And for you Facebook friends and follows that frequently post that kind of stuff – sorry, but you’re going to be “hidden” soon. Please don’t take it personally. And yes, that means buh-bye to George Takei. If he posts something truly awesome, I’m sure one or more of my friends will repost it.

If you think you could benefit from doing what I’ve done, you’re probably right. It’s not that hard to do – you just have to sit down and do it. I promise that you’ll feel a whole lot better once it’s done. And you’ll have more time and energy to spend on the things that really matter in your life. Whatever they may be.

If you want to follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, the links are below. I promise not to be too “fluffy.” I do have social media accounts specifically created for this blog, but there may be some changes coming, so I’m listing my personal accounts. Have at me!



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