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A hotel on a bus?? That’s crazy! Or is it?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This old idea is new again for travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco!

Cabin is THE way to travel between Los Angeles (Santa Monica) and San Francisco. Get on the bus at 11pm, go to bed in your private sleeping cabin, arrive at 7am. It's so easy! You only have to arrive 5 minutes early - not 2 hours. There's no security lines to get through. No waiting to drop off or pick up your suitcase. How awesome is that?

A privacy panel blocks out light and sound for you and keeps your cabin quiet, cozy and comfortable. You control the multiple available ambient light settings and the air flowing through your cabin. USB and power outlets, earplugs, bottled water, melatonin gummies, shoe bag and slippers and even hot towel service are all part of the package. What else could you ask for? This is luxury travel! Your bed is spacious (76" long by 33" wide - 50% more room than a 1st class lay-flat seat) and very comfortable.

There is a bathroom on board (of course) but it also has a bench to make changing clothes easy and it's stocked with toiletries including toothbrushes and feminine products.

Here are links to their website and social media. Check 'em out!

(No - I'm not getting paid for this. I'm not affiliated with Cabin. I just like what they're doing. I'd love to take a trip with them sometime!)




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